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Long story short

As you may already know, a ‘fractal’ is an infinite pattern found in nature. For example, flower petals and sea shells are both fractals. We chose the name ‘Fractyl’ because we strive to provide your business with an infinite pattern of success. Our tried and true methodologies allow for a seamless transition into a simple, modern, professional, and sleek digital presence. You are infinitely reaching more customers and clients.

We chose to insert the ‘y’ in ‘Fractyl’ because we explain the ‘why’ behind our ability to provide an infinite pattern of success for your business. What’s that, you ask? Well, this day and age, we believe that every business is a tech business. Providing digital solutions for your non-tech business completes your business full-circle. You’re covering all of the bases and staying cutting edge with the extension of Fractyl Media added to your arsenal for success.

With Fractyl Media, you are the first one to generate new leads online for your business over and over again, and our solutions are the reasons why.

Rewinding back a bit more, our Founder & CEO, Luke Klepec, spent his college summers landscaping and building an underground dog fence installation business. He knew he liked to work with his hands, but also took up an interest in technology by the end of his college career. After graduation, he started working for a construction software company and saw firsthand how primitive the construction industry really was. He saw that something as simple as their online presence needing more attention. The construction industry is the second largest industry in the U.S. next to healthcare, yet the most primitive and least data-driven. Needless to say, he sought out to fill that gap in the market, and strives to introduce more of America’s second largest industry to the digital side of business.

Some time after that, Luke’s mom, Kim became a licensed clinical social worker and started her own therapy practice. She was approached by a digital media company that wanted to build her a website for more than 10x the price that Luke was charging for contractor’s websites. Once he realized this, he saw that therapists with their own private practice were in dire need of more affordable digital solutions as well. This is when Fractyl Media started shifting towards more reasonable pricing options. Now, you pay for nothing but the cost of labor to build the site upfront, and then only enough to equal one client therapy session per month thereafter!


We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

Our team is a group of young, driven individuals, coming from a wide range of backgrounds, all with the same goal in mind; Providing your business with an infinite pattern of success.

Luke Klepec
Founder & CEO

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.”

Nick Musso

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”